About Us

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Green Season Travel Co., Ltd.​

We established our company in 2017 and 100% local owned company. We are officially running under Ministry of Hotel and Tourism in Myanmar. Our Company Registration Number is 102774558 and Travel and Tours Company License Number is (Kha – 3854).

Green Season Travel offers complete services and loves to create a tailor-made package for you to discover Myanmar. This can be from very luxury with fully private guided tours around the country that includes main attractions (cultural and historical sites) and combine them with some off the beaten track excursions, whilst at the same time, having meaningful interactive experiences with the local community, till basic packages with just accommodation, a few excursions and bus tickets arranged for you. We always want to make sure you see the best of the country.

Green Season Travel comprises of a team of enthusiastic professionals who are dedicated to help you improve your brand image as well as providing The-Best-In-Class services to your clients.

Green Season Travel highly values all partners that are involved in our development of satisfactory tour services and products. There is no doubt that our clients are our best partners in helping us understand the current market trends and improve our service quality. We look forward to building a rewarding partnership with you. Together, we can offer a wonderful and memorable experiences for your customers.

Our Tours

Green Season Travel prides itself in authentic connections, adaptability, and innovation and offers intimate, personalized travel experiences. We cater to any desire at any budget, from family travel, regional highlights, community-based tours, adventure, discovery excursions and everything in between. Our clients are those who seek a genuine connection with the country and its wonderfully down to the earth people; those who appreciate beautiful, unspoilt and unique landscapes of off the beaten tracks in Myanmar.

Our aims

We envision Myanmar as a responsible tourism destination, making it a better place to live, work, and visit. Green Season Travel is creating the most excellent and authentic tours and sharing our passion in tourism with the most responsible and sustainable standards and travel styles. Leading our stakeholders and business partners to raise awareness about responsible travel, community involvement in tourism, livelihood generation, and environmental sustainability.

We share with the industry

After about 50 years of international isolation and being cautious about sharing ideas and information within our society, the idea of sharing business ideas and experiences and having open and transparent business networking is something new for Myanmar. We are active to respond to requests from communities, from business, NGO and government groups that ask us to share our experiences as a start-up business that wants to ‘do well, do good, and do no harm’.

Our Team

Our Team Members Are All First Aid Certified