Colourful Carpet Adventure Trek to tribal villages around Pindaya and Ywar Ngan (Southern Shan State) - 6 Days

Colourful Carpet Adventure Trek


Shan State is the biggest state in Myanmar and it is made up with Northern, Eastern and Southern Shan State. It’s awesome to explore to all these destinations and all have mountains, highlands, rivers, seasonal crop plantations and several tribes with very rich cultural background.

Our Colourful Carpet Adventure Trektakes place near Pindaya and Ywar Ngan regions in Southern Shan State which are surrounded by stunning mountainous scenery, the climate and elevation makes the region the ideal spot for the adventure and trekking lovers. The Shan Plateau scenery here is stunning, breathtaking, as far as our eyes can see, therefore well known as the colorful carpet.

Visitors to Inle Lake or Kalaw can easily extend a trip and join up with our lesser known, unexplored, and truly off the beaten tracks adventure trek to Danu, Pa-O, Palaung and Taungyoo villages. We can stop in at their homes during the trek after passing through the villages, green mountains, pristine forests, valleys, and fields. People live very simple, lifestyles are quite original and they welcome you for the night, can share their foods, and are happy to talk about their ways of life and traditions. The most spectacular moment of our trip is camping at Me Ne’ Taung with a music, bonfire, fireworks and roasted homemade honey-chicken for dinner.

Price per person in USD:

2 Pax: 385
3-5 Pax: 375
6-9 Pax: 360
10 & above: 340

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Photos by: Saw Htee Way Kaing, U U Ye Kalawthar, Aung Kyaw Maw, Htar Htar Ei & TD’s Family

Day 1
Day 1: Arrival Pindaya – sightseeing and tea tasting at Danu House (L)

From Nyaung Shwe / Kalaw we’ll transfer to Pindaya, and do some sightseeing before we go for tea tasting at Danu House. Pindaya is a town in the Shan State and mainly famous for its limestone cave with 8,000 Buddha images have been consecrated for worship over the centuries. Pindaya is also one of the towns that host an itinerant market every fifth day and we’ll definitely stop there if there has a market day. We can also visit traditional bamboo umbrella workshops, a nice walk under the big trees, around Pone Taloke Lake and end our morning tour with a great lunch at Green Tea restaurant overlooking the lake.

Afternoon we’ll join tea tasting tour at Danu village house.

Tea tasting at Danu Village House
Drive to Danu Village House and see how to make tea leaf salad by Danu lady and can also participate. Pindaya is famous for having the best tea leaf salads and the best soy products in Myanmar. You can taste 2 different styles of tea leaf salads in simple style and in Danu style salad, fried soybeans, fried potato chips and other traditional snacks with Shan Tea. A nice walk through the village to spend time with local family that will introduce you to tea plantations and how they grow and sometime also can see pickled tea leave. Danu lady will explain about tea process. The client can curious about how to collect and pickled tea leaf. It will take more or less 1 hour.

Pindaya Inle Inn, Bamboo Hut

Day 2
4 Nights Stop Mountain View & Countryside Trekking (See Kya Inn Village, Yasakyi Village, Me Ne’ Taung & Kan Hla Kone Village)

Trekking Highlights

• Trek to Danu tribe, Palaung tribe and Pa-O Villages

• Tea Plantation, crab apple tree, chive area, coffee plantation, peanut, corn, ginger, potatoes and cauliflower, Danu, Palaung and Pa-O living style with traditional style

• Lunch at Danu Family House, Dinner and overnight at Danu Monastery and Palaung Monastery

• Trekking and camping at Me Ne’ Taung with bonfire, music, and dinner

Trekking Program

Day 3
Day 3: See Kya Inn – Yasakyi Monastery (5-6 hours)

Simple breakfast this morning, and continue walking 1 hour to Pa Me’ Village. The track crosses the valley floor before climbing very steeply again to another Danu village of Yee Win sometime also stop for simple lunch here and their life is hill-side cultivation Green tea and other vegetable. Continue walk to Yasakyi Village, observe tribal life and how the Palaung people dry cheroot in a specially designed oven and enjoy your simple lunch. After that walking up about 1:30 minutes to Yasakyi Peak. Mt Yasakyi is 7000ft above sea level, the slot that offers you panoramic views. And then we are walking back to monastery, simple dinner and accommodation at Yasakyi Monastery.
Meals included: Simple Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4
Day 4: Yasakyi Monastery – Me Ne’ Taung Trekking and camping (5-6 hours)

Simple Breakfast. This morning, enjoy continue walking through the hills, 40 minutes, to a village of the Da Nu tribe. The Danu cultivates peanut, corn, ginger, potatoes and cauliflower on the hillsides. After 40 minutes, arrive at Danu village of Lin Lai Inn and continue about 40 minutes to Me Ne Taung, another Pao village and take another 50 minutes, uphill trek to Me Ne’ Taung for night stop and camping experiences.

Babylon Trekking & Camping tour is a community based and eco-tourism trip by exploring nature-made landscapes and mountains at Me Ne’ Taung. It intends to people who would love to have the sense of nature, adventure, excitement of new experiences that totally vary from current tours in the country. Especially, people will feel the exact taste of tradition, living style, history of Pa-O ethnic group and its outstanding nature, mountains and landscapes, within Da nu’s self-govern region located in Southern Shan state that was named black region with full of battles 15 years ago. Travelers will experience the joyful walking to Babylon Camp, on the Me Ne’ Taung about 50 minutes from Pa-O village which will be a stop-by place to learn which is over 5000 feet above the sea level. The trip is prepared for people to sitting on the mountain and watching the beauty of sunset, looking at Pindaya’s Landscape through Shan State’s peaceful weather, with drinking local coffee while listening music and then at night (until 8:00PM), will set a fire besides the tents in which everyone can stay warmly. Dinner will be served at the camp with local organic foods and homemade roasted honey-chicken.

Day 5
Day 5: Me Ne Taung – Pin Sein Pin – Kan Hla Kone Village

Simple breakfast while enjoying sunrise over Shan Plateau. Continue 1,5 hours to Pin Sein Pin Village CBT and lunch is served here. Have some rest at after lunch, once we’re okay to continue trek 1 hour to Kan Hla Kone for night stop. Simple dinner and accommodation at Kan Hla Kone Village Monastery.
Meals included: Simple Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6
Kan Hla Kone Village – Pindaya

Simple breakfast. This morning, enjoy continue walking through the hills. The path leads through several villages, producing Shan Tea in the traditional way. You will see the drying of the tealeaves and pass through the tea plantations. From the hills are great views on the surrounding Shan plateau. Back to Pindaya.

Meals included: Simple Breakfast

Service Includes

  • Local trekking guide
  • Drinking water bottles
  • Snow towels
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Donation fees
  • Camping at Me Ne Taung,
  • Music,
  • Bonfire,
  • Fireworks
  • Transportations
  • Accommodation
  • Camping tents
  • All entrance fees / zone fees
  • English speaking guide
  • Porter fees
  • Foods tasting
  • Contributions to locals

Service do not includes

  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • All drinks
  • Other Tips (for guides, drivers and etc.)
  • Other expenses