The Best Bagan - 3 Days

Bagan is one the most magical sites in Myanmar. There is a wealth of things for visitors to explore the archeological sites, the handicraft centers, riverine life and remote Anyar villages with people life in origin but it is the whole which encapsulates the magic. This glittering ancient capital with some 4000 pagodas was founded in 849, whose splendour climaxed during the reign of the first Burmese King Anawrahta in 1057, with over 2000 buildings, making Bagan one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia today. A thousand golden white and red brick domes, the Shwe Zigon Pagoda, the Sulamani and Ananda temples lay prominently preserving Buddha’s relic’s together with art and culture of ancient times, culminating in a panoramic view from the terrace of the Mingalazedi pagoda at sunset. A good place for shopping unique pieces of arts such as lacquerwares, sand painting and puppet idols. Experience of horse drawn carriage ride in Bagan is unforgettable. Sunset boat trip over the Ayeyarwaddy River is very relaxing. It is memorable for its tranquility and its mystical significance lying close to Mt. Popa, an important place of Nat worship.  Off road trip to Anyar villages life discovery by Four-wheel drive is going to be the most highlight in Bagan. Friendly villagers, their great hospitality, stunning countryside, and Anyar people’s ways of living by farming, making pottery, palm juice, palm sugar, popular black bean paste production and other home-made stuffs. Thanakha is unique product of Myanmar and we’ll see the plantation during our visit to Anyar villages.

Price per person in USD:

1 Pax: 385
2 Pax: 235
3-4 Pax: 195
5-7 Pax: 180
8-15 Pax: 165

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Day 1
Amazing Bagan, Full day tour (L)

What an amazing site! Over 2000 Pagodas, or temples, are stretching out across the plain, as far as the eye could see. No holidays to Myanmar would be complete without a visit to Bagan. This full day tour will be taking you through Bagan’s areas to visit the best-known temples with remarkable architectural designs. Our visit starts from any temples but we’ll definitely take you to Ananda, an architectural masterpiece of the early – style temple with four impressive standing Buddha images, Dhammayangyi which is famous for very strong foundation, Ananda Okkyaung, one of the few surviving brick monasteries from the early Bagan period and Thatbyinnyu the highest temple in Bagan rising to 81 meters. A brief stop is made for photo at Tharabar Gate, visit to lacquerware workshop to experience the processes of making and the colorful Nayung Oo Market. Lunch is served at local restaurant with traditional Burmese foods. Stop at Wetkyi-In Gubyaukgyi, a cave temple with exquisite jatakas murals paintings and the elegant Htilominlo temple noted for its fine plaster carvings and glazed sandstone decorations.

Lacquerware factory

The origins of the lacquer seems to come from Bagan about 12th – 13th century. One of the oldest lacquers was indeed discovered in the pagoda Mingalazedi, at the 13th century. It’s wise spending time in Bagan in the midday, we can avoid the heat as well as learn the processes of lacquer preparations step by step, how bamboo is used to make the inner part of the lacquerware, how bamboo is cut out, softened, and used to give the shape of the desired objects. Bowls, dishes, vases, cuts, plates, various boxes, and most famous is being the box for betel leaves and nuts. It’s a good place to visit and buy unique lacquer products for souvenirs.

Evening around 5:00pm, hop on the horse drawn cart and travel to the spot where we’ll enjoy the sunset in Bagan. We can stop at any place to get stunning view of Bagan sunset photos. At the end, car will pick up and we’ll go back to your hotel.

Day 2
Optional: Hot Air Balloon ride in Bagan – morning tour (+350 USD / pax)

The best way to truly appreciate Bagan is from the hot-air-balloon. This is one of the main highlights and a spectacular moment when visiting Bagan. No holidays to Myanmar would be complete without Bagan. No better way than in a hot-air balloon as the light begins to food across the plain. Every day is different when it comes to ballooning. The winds change daily and the weather is affected by the seasons. The sun rises later in December than in October or March. A pick-up car from balloon company will be at your hotel lobby in the early morning before sunrise and driven to the launching site for a spectacular hot air balloon ride. Balloon companies are operating under highest safety standards and their pilots have high safety records. Enjoy this amazing and a life time experience of floating over picturesque scenes of Bagan. After floating in the air about 45 minutes or 1 hour, you will land safely in the fields. At around 07:30 am or so celebrate your safe return to earth with a drink of chilled sparkling wine, served with fruit. Receive your personal flight certificate, signed by your pilot and back to the hotel.

Explore Bagan by e-bike, full day

It’s a great feeling and freedom to explore Bagan by e-bike. This is such a fabulous introduction to ancient Bagan, its people and history. The scenic ride, temples are everywhere and enjoy an easy e-biking tour through small trails amid the temples is so peaceful. Suggest to avoid the main road and you may stop at several lesser known, and often un-named, monuments as well as some major ones including Shwesandaw, Htilominlo, Old Palace sites, Tharabar Gate, Bu Phaya and Ayerywaddy river front. Nyaung U Market visit will offer you a great chance to mingle with local people and know how they conduct their daily life. Anything you missed in Bagan, can fill the blank today with e-bike. Old monasteries, lakes and temples ruined are lying in Minnanthu Village, on the way can drive up to pottery hill to see the panoramic view of the surroundings Bagan. E-bike tour can include to Archaeological Museum where has a collection of more than 2500 items including Buddha statues, stucco pieces, terra-cotta cups and pots as well as It houses stone sculptures, wood carvings, metal works, lacquer works, and many more. This is truly a great tour for soft adventurers, photographers and anyone interested in active outdoor activities. Sunset is at the hidden riverside garden.

Sunset at the riverside garden in Bagan

Around 5:00pm, it’s time to take a break under a shady tree and in a very tranquil place which is lying on the bank of Ayeyarwaddy River. A hidden and beautiful riverside garden where we can taste home-made lemonade and snacks while enjoying Bagan sunset view from another spot. Shouldn’t miss to catch this moment and enjoy your quality time!!

Day 3

Our Anyar villages life discovery tour is taking place in several dry zone Anyar villages outside of Bagan temples. Everything is calm, quiet and the atmosphere is filled with peace and rich with Anyar traditions and culture; the way they live without running water and electricity, the paddy fields and palm groves where they work, and smiley and sincere villagers who warmly welcome us visiting to their villages. Perfect choice for those being fed up of seeing pagodas and temples in Myanmar. Bagan is indeed great to explore 2-3 days and this off-road adventure trip by 4×4 wheel from Bagan temples is fantastic combination to discover insightful Anyar culture, traditions and ways of life of the people. Friendly villagers, simple people and you’ll be touched with their great hospitality during the visit. Enjoy the stunning countryside, adventure 4×4 wheel drive along the scenic ride, palm trees can be seen everywhere and we can meet Burmese kids with traditional Myanmar hair knot in Sat Sat Yo Village. A fabulous day escape from Bagan temples zone and experience Anyar people’s traditional ways of living by farming, making pottery, palm juice, palm sugar, black bean paste production and other home-made stuffs. Myanmar unique Thanakha plantation and peanut oil production can be seen as well during this trip. This is absolutely experience-rich travel and truly in touch with community from remote Anyar villages. This will definitely generate an extra income from tourism to these low-income and disadvantaged people. 4×4 wheel car will pick up at 7:00am from the hotel in Bagan and drop off in the evening after sunset boat trip over Ayeyarwaddy River with snacks and drinks. On our way back, car will take you to the Ayeyarwaddy River jetty for a relaxing sunset boat trip.

Sunset over the Ayeyarwaddy River, evening tour

A wonderful experience and unique view of Bagan is from the Ayeyarwaddy River. This evening river sightseeing trip offers an opportunity to see spectacular views of Bagan temples and beautiful sunset over the sandbanks of the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River. It starts from Ayeyar jetty and feel the great time on the boat or we’ll sit down on the sandbanks when the water level is lower. This private sunset boat tour on the river will offer you a fantastic sunset experience and a very relaxing moment. Your guide will serve some drinks and snacks onboard, at the same time, you can enjoy and feel the best moment of your visit in Bagan!

The Best 3 Days in Bagan

  • All transfers and transport as per the program with a private A/C car
  • All meals as mentioned (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=Dinner)
  • Service English speaking stationed guide
  • All entrance fees
  • Donation in Anyar villages
  • E-bike rental
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Alms giving to the village monks
  • Water, drinks and snacks
  • Cold towel
  • Boat trip
  • Horse cart

The Best 3 Days in Bagan

  • Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Ballooning over Bagan
  • Personal expenses
  • All drinks
  • Visa fees and/or visa authorization
  • Tips
  • Other expenses that not mentioned on the itinerary